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We offer Performance Work and Parts for both Gas & Diesel Vehicles. 


We offer packages for Ford, Chevy, and Dodge to "BulletProof"your vehicle. 

The package includes Head Gaskets, Head Studs, Machining Cylinder Head Surface & Inspection, Reseal Injectors, All Components removed in the process receive new Gaskets/Seals.


Ford Packages Starting at $4,000.00 


Dodge Packages Starting at $3,600.00


Chevy Packages Starting at $4,200.00


Additional Items to be considered are: New Oil Cooler, EGR Delete, FPR Spring, Bypass Oil Filter Kit, Coolant Filter Kit, Turbo Rebuild/Cleaning.


Fuel System Upgrades

Fuel System Upgrades are always a good performance booster for your Gas or Diesel Vehicle.



We offer many different brands of Upgraded Injectors including Brand New and Remanufactured. Modified injectors can come in a variety of sizes and also nozzle options. We can help you decide what size is best for your application.


Fuel Pumps

We offer pump upgrades from Lift Pumps to High Pressure Fuel Pumps, Some Upgraded Injectors require Upgraded Fuel Pumps to help supply the demand of fuel that a Stock Fuel Pump cant supply. 

We can help you determine what setup is best for your vehicle from stock form to highly modified.


High Pressure Oil Pump "HPOP"

These are commonly found in the Ford 6.0L engines and operate the Injectors.

Upgrading the HPOP is always a good investment when modifying the 6.0L engine, Some Injectors require this to be upgraded in order to operate properly. 

Turbo Upgrades

Turbo Upgrades are always a quick and easy way to gain power from your vehicle wether its Gas or Diesel.

We offer Billet Turbo Wheels for stock frame turbos, as well as complete turbo rebuilds.

We also offer a wide variety of aftermaket replacement turbos, and also compount turbo kits.


We offer Programmers for both Gas and Diesel Vehicle, We also offer Complete ECU Replacements. 


Holley EFI





H&S Mini Maxx

Bully Dog


EFI Live




ECU Reflashing


Whatever you have in mind for your vehicle we can get you set up with the programmer that will work for you now and in the future and supply you with the best and safest power options.

Intake & Exhaust

We offer Complete Intake Systems and Custom Intakes for both Gas and Diesel Vehicles.

We also offer Intercooler Kits and Custom Intercooler Setups.


We offer Pre-Made and Custom Exhaust Systems for both Gas and Diesel Vehicles. 

Turbo Back Systems, Cat Back Systems, DEF/DPF Deletes, Hood Stacks, Fender Exit Exhaust, Axle Dump Exhaust, ETC.

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