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We are ASE Master Certified with Advanced Specialist Certified. We can tackle whatever you may need done to your vehicle, From Computer Diagnosis to Brake Repairs. If you think there is something wrong with your vehicle or would simply like to have an inspection done feel free to contact us and we can diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle and ensure you with a complete and honest diagnosis.



Computer Diagnosis, Complete Brake Jobs, Motor Mounts, CV Axles, Wheel Bearings, Struts & Shocks, Oil Leaks, Seals, Valve Cover Gaskets, Glow Plugs, Water Pumps, Power Steering Pumps, Rack & Pinion, ETC.



Transmission Replacement, Rear Main Seal, Engine Overhaul, Oil Pump, Front Crank Seal, Front Cover, Timing Chain Replacement, Timing Belt Replacement, Head Gaskets, Injectors, Turbocharger Replacement, High Pressure Fuel Pump, High Pressure Oil Pump, ETC.

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