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Be sure to contact us for your unlock code!


*By Phone/Text: (850) 630 - 8734

*By Email:

*By Website Contact Form


Is your tuner locked to another truck?
Did you sell your vehicle and not return to stock before removing your tuner?
Get your Mini Maxx or XRT Pro Unlocked!

- How to obtain unlock code:
You will need to go to the show setting screen and hold down the bottom left hand button until the unit beeps, This may take up to 20-25 seconds, After the unit beeps release the button and it will pull up a 4 digit code at the top left of the screen. This is your unlock code that we need.

- We will also need to know what vehicle the programmer is locked to, this will be shown in the lower right corner when the device is started.

Please be sure to include these two things in order for us to get you the unlock code!

- Once you enter your unlock code you will be taken to a new menu.
- Reset the device on this menu by selecting "Clean Unit" or "Reset"

**Be sure you reset the device properly or you will have wasted a unlock code and will need to purchase another**
**This service is non-refundable**

**This is a VIN UNLOCK only, This is NOT a Street to Race Unlock or Emissions Unlock Code**

**If your unlock code contains "Letters" and not all numbers, We cannot unlock your device**


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